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Cultivating Kratom From Seeds

kratom seeding

Growing Kratom plant other than Southeast Asian countries possesses its challenges that might be surprising for an average gardener. Kratom is also called as Mitragyna Speciosa that grows healthy in the balmy temperature. It is suitable to grow in soil rich in nitrogen in the regions such as Vietnam, Thailand, and Borneo.

Apart from these regions, homeowners in other locations should follow a few things to grow this plant successfully in their home garden. You can get different types of Kratom from What is the best soil type well suited to grow Kratom? The articles published in offers tips about the best soil for Kratom.

It is tough to grow Kratom plant from its seed because the main problem to grow from seed is to retain the freshness of the seeds. The Kratom seed loses its freshness within a few days of leaving the mother plant. When you received the dried seeds from online, it could not even reach the sprout stage.

If you want to grow from the seeds, you want to order the fresh seeds of the Kratom strains of your choice in online. Another thing is you want to use hundreds of seeds so that every seed sprout and you will get a lot of Kratom plants.

It needs a warm and well-fertilized place. Pick an area that is not much dry and good drainage. If the water is flooded, your plant will be infected by fungus so you should maintain the balance between the two. Kratom requires a humid, tropical climate to flourish but exposing too much sunlight can dry the plant.

A warm wind is the best option to activate the alkaloid making in Kratom leaves. If there is no natural wind, you can add soft breeze using a large fan. Use an irrigation system and lighting kit to develop Kratom indoors.